Premium Flag

The golden Premium Flag is an exclusive flag for premium membership.

Deploy points: 50
Capture points: 10
Capture-on points: 50

Distance to own flags: 99m
Distance to other flags: 33m

Are you aware of all the benefits of a Premium membership?

Here is a list of all the great reasons for becoming a premium member of FLAGSTACK…

  • Team leader for the Team battle
  • Ad free app
  • Double the free flag for daily logins
  • Filters for flags on map and list-view
  • Receive push-Jumper notification 5 minutes earlier
  • Detailed points activity via app
  • Ability to turn off sound in app
  • Ability to turn off notifications in app
  • Top 100 stats in app and on the web (instead of top 10)
  • Bargain flag package (valued at 32.93 Euros when purchasing the PM)
  • Exclusive golden Premium flag
  • Double capture points for system flags (orange)
  • Ability to deploy certain flags via the web (like Green (max. 25 pcs/day), Oracle, Eternal & Dice…)
  • Ability to exchange a green flag to a special flag via the web
  • Early news release
  • Special gifts/vouchers (flags/options)
  • Quick premium support for requests and issues, such as changing user name, clarification of rules, a one-off “one-time-is-no-time” fix of a streak for the last 30 days.

So you can see it is well worth it to become a Premium Member!