FLAGSTACK – how does it actually work?

Welcome to FLAGSTACK Help!

Here you will find a lot of background knowledge about FLAGSTACK – divided into individual topics. Have fun discovering FLAGSTACK….

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The app is available for iOS and Android. With the app you can play FLAGSTACK – no where you are – >>>

types of flags

Here you will find an overview of all flag types… The look and of course the points for capturing and deploying as well as capture on points…. >>>


On flagstack.net you can manage your account, rename flags and plan your tours… >>>

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You can experience a lot with FLAGSTACK! Here you can find an overview of day tours, tourist highlights or your long-term goals… >>>

Team Battle

You want to really steal the flag? From level 25 you can join a team. And from level 35 (PM) you can create your own team… >>>


Meet your FLAGSTACK friends and have a good time together – you can collect flags together and share the best experiences using FLAGSTACK…. >>>


fan shop

You just don’t get enough? You want more besides the many free flags and regular wins? Please visit our fan shop… >>>

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The main questions are answered in a simple and concise form. Just take a look and discover some new features… >>>

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Do you need individual help? Open a support ticket and you will be assisted as soon as possible… >>>

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Take a journey into the past of FLAGSTACK. Since when are there which flags? Which milestones have been reached? >>>

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A few players really stand out – not only the so far unchallenged number 1 Captain Flag, but also some players with special global engagement… >>>


Where does FLAGSTACK come from and who is actually behind it? Here you can also find information about the link collection and the WhatsApp channels… >>>

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