Jump & Run Flag Hotspot

What is a Jump & Run Flag Hotspot about?

A Jump & Run Flag Hotspot is a cluster of 10 Jump & Run flags that can be played at the same time.

This is how you can easily identify the Jump & Run Flag Hotspots on the map…

And what about a Jump & Run Flag Hotspot that is marked with a star?

This Jump & Run Flag Hotspot will give you an EXTRA badge and 10,000 points if you have successfully played through all 10 Jump & Run Flags!

You can get the extra badge here

And how do I locate such a Jump & Run Flag Hotspot on the map?

As a premium member you are able to filter the Jump & Run Flag Hotspots with the following filter settings: “Special Flags” + “Jump & Run Flags” = “ON”.

Or scroll down to the end of this page – there you will find a summary of all Jump & Run Flag Hotspots including a link to the map.

And how do I create such a Jump & Run Flag Hotspot by myself?

It’s quite simple:

1) Using Flopp.net you can create a beautiful track with a length of ~8 KM, not accessible by car and between the 34 waypoints (start +33 stops) ~300m as the crow flies. Please send us the permalink for a review / release via this link: Submit JRF hotspot for review

Tip: This is a flopp.net example (permalink) with 12 stops.

2) Once FHQ approved your particular Hotspot there is still time to find other players (via Facebook or WhatsApp for example) who could support your Jump & Run Flag Hotspot with their own Jump & Run Flag.  We recommend to deploy the Jump & Run Flag for the hotspot close to the approved track. If you have 10 non-played and recently deployed Jump & Run Flags in your project, submit the Hotspot via this link: Submit JRF Hotspot

3) When all data (approved track and 10 JRF-IDs) have been submitted to the FHQ, the Hotspot usually will be released within seven working days.

Do you still have questions or need further help? Just get in touch with one of the volunteers or the FHQ!

thwe16 (DE / EN)
Email: thwe16@flagstack-volunteer.net

Lausitzer Teufelchen (DE / EN)
Email: Lausitzer-Teufelchen@flagstack-volunteer.net

Lednimedvidek (CZ / EN / DE)
Email: Lednimedvidek@flagstack-volunteer.net

Borghuis & Sim1 (NL / EN / DE)
Email: Borghuis@flagstack-volunteer.net

DTas (EN / DE)
Email: DTas@flagstack-volunteer.net

Jump & Run Flag Hotspot Overview

1Flagstack HeadquarterFHQKisdorfDEX9.0 km
3Hamburg StadtparkDarkhariboHamburgDEX
4Hamburg StadtparkHamburgDE
5BremenFelixhunterBremenDEX10.6 km
6Tiergarten IKasimirBerlinDEX5,3 km
7Krumme LankeKasimirBerlinDEX
8GiffhorndegeisiGifhornDEX9,5 km
9Cottbus Iasp_fan_cbCottbusDEX8,7 km
10Cottbus IIasp_fan_cbCottbusDEX8,5 km
11Queens DomainDTasHobartAUX
12IlkerbruchMrAndMrsSmithIlkerbruchDE9.0 km
13Hamburg StadtparkHamburgDE7,8 km
14Hamburg StadtparkHamburgDE8,8 km
15HelmstedtMrAndMrsSmithHelmstedtDE9.3 km
17HerfordElefantoduck / ArrnoVonIonHerfordDE
18PSYCHOS' HOTSPOTtrabeeMünchenDEX9,6 km
19Englischer GartenFalkenaugeMünchenDEX9,8 km
20WolfsburgMrAndMrsSmithWolfsburgDE8,9 km
21AlmeloBorghuis / Sim1AlmeloNLX
22Hamburg HafenCityPoparniHamburgDE9.1 km
24Tiergarten IIKasimirBerlinDEX5,6 km
25MelbourneOctans88MelbourneAUX9,5 km
26SchlachtenseeKasimirBerlinDEX6,5 km
27Turnbridge WellsBeardedZombieTurnbridge WellsEN9,1 km
28WüpperfürthFelix11WüpperfürthDE9,1 km
29 Scheerparkthwe16FrankfurtDE10,5 km
30EchtSurvey-adjo / DucksofdoomEchtNLX10,0 km
31Parkanlagen in DahlemKasimirBerlinDEX7,0 km
32 HundekehleseeKasimirBerlinDEX7.9 km
33GrunewaldturmKasimirBerlinDEX8.3 km
34Vier Seenlandschaft im GrunewaldKasimirBerlinDEX8.0 km
35Monument der VoelkerfreundschaftdegeisiMagdeburgDE8.7 km
36Vom Reichstag bis Schloß BellevueKasimirBerlinDEX6.5 km
37Waverley Flora ParkDTasHobartAU7.6 km
38Messestadt München-RiembogerdMünchenDE9.1 km
39 - tbaRothehornparkdegeisiMagdeburgDE8.9 km
40 - tbaRoyal Parks TrailBeardedZombieLondonUK9.0 km
41 - tbaMote Park TrailBeardedZombieLondonUK9.5 km
42 - tbaEnglischer Garten 2 - MonopterosFalkenaugeMünchenDE9.7 km
43 - tbaGifhorn-Tankumsee meets Zickentrail, Teil IdegeisiGifhornDEX10.5 km
44 - tbaGifhorn-Tankumsee meets Zickentrail, Teil IIdegeisiGifhornDEX10.5 km
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Land = das Länderkürzel (z. B. DE für Deutschland), entspricht den Angaben nach ISO 3166 als zwei- und dreistelliger Code.
Strecke = Luftlinie
Ansprechpartner = contact person
tba = in Bearbeitung