Kidnapping a Team Flag

How do I kidnap a Team Flag from another team?

For example, if Team A captures Team B’s HQ flag or one of the HQ clone flags, each team member of Team B receives a notification. Team B has now 60 minutes time to capture (defend) their own relevant Team Flag – this will thwart the attempted kidnapping.

If the 60-minute countdown runs down, Team A has kidnapped Team B’s team flag – both activities (prevent and abduct) are rewarded with credits. Regardless of which of the Team Flags (HQ or HQ clones) is kidnapped, the icons on the map of all Team Flags belonging to that team will change automatically.

Alternatively, you can use the Time Bandit (time reduction of the countdown time by 10, 20 or 30 minutes for 100, 200 or 300 credits from your own team account) or the Nightmare (immediate kidnapping without a chance to defend for 1,000 credits from your own team account). After the capture (attempted kidnapping), a window pops up where you can select one of these special tools or close the window with the “X” without selecting any of them.

Between the kidnapping attempts you always have to capture at least 10 flags Рthe flag type does not matter (exception: Team Flags). Of course, other team members can start an attempt to kidnap other teams directly after the attack, but then they have to collect at least 10 flags themselves. 

A team (Team A) can only try to kidnap Team B’s flag (HQ flag or HQ clone flag) once (1 in numbers) within 12 hours – a new attempt can therefore be started after 12 hours.

However, the own Team Flag can only be defended at the location where the relevant Team Flag has been attempted to kidnap – it does not matter which team member from the attacked team defends the flag.