Free your own Team Flag

How do I get my kidnapped Team Flag back?

If Team A has kidnapped Team B’s team flag, Team B has several options to retrieve its Team Flag.

1) By capturing the Team Flag of Team A at the flag location, whether at the HQ or a HQ clone flag. A 15-minute countdown starts to thwart the liberation of Team B’s team flag.¬†At the same time, a 60-minute countdown starts to thwart the kidnapping of Team A’s Team Flag.

2) By using the “Jailbreaker” (for 1,000 credits from your own team account) = immediate release of your own flag without chance of Team A’s defeat. The Team Flag of Team A is not kidnapped, there is no countdown.

3) By kidnapping the Team Flag of Team A by Team C (the foreign flags are released), it starts a 60-minute countdown to thwart the own kidnapping and liberation of the other Team flags.

4) Wait and see, because after 168 hours (7 days) the flag will return automatically.