Forming a team

A player can also participate in a monthly team battle. Every team has to have between 3 and 5 players. You need to have level 35 to be Team leader and level 25 to join a team. There will be three factions that the individual teams will belong to The Noble Alliance, The Mighty Syndicate and The Cartel who are more neutral. Once the Team has decided to join the Alliance or Syndicate it is locked forever. A Team in the Cartel can move once into the Alliance or Syndicate which will be then locked. So this mean the faction stays with the team not the player so after a battle (which lasts one month) a player can join a different team that belongs to a different faction. The team leader could also choose to retire the team altogether and join or found another Team.

So at the beginning of the Team battle HQ of every team will get a Team flag. This will be determined by the most used login location of the Team leader. The system will give you 10 options (on public streets) to choose from that should be very familiar to the player. The Team leader will need to verify the HQ flag by capturing it before the Team battle starts.

So in the beginning you need

– A good Team name
– A Team logo (optional)
– A Team description (optional)
– To carefully choose your faction
– A good place for your HQ flag (Based on Team leader)

Once the Team leader has organised this, other players (with level 25 and above) can be invited up to a total of 5 Team players (minimum 3). This period usually takes place from the 1st of the month until the end of the 4th. The battle commences on the 5ht at 0.01 am German time until the end of the month.

Verify your team flag!

Attention, confirm your HQ respectively your HQ-clone flag! On the webpage you can choose the location of your HQ or HQ-Clone Flag.


Only you can see it on the map until the Team Battles starts. Capture this flag via the app to verify it at its location. Great, now you are perfectly prepared for the next Team Battle! To play it safe talk to your team members to think of confirming the flags …

Based on the internal team overview, now you can see in the general survey of teams, whether a team is ready or not! Is your team or the team of your friends ready for Team Battle?


the definition of “public places”

von Flagstack-Support » 01 Mai 2016, 22:23

Due to the repeated requests and uncertainties on the definition of “public places”, we would like to explain this term once again for all the Team Battle participants, because it is the basis for your team flags location:

As a “public place” a situation is referred to as it is formed by a public traffic area or green space and that is bordered by adjoining private or public properties and buildings. This requires the “public place” is freely accessible at all times for the general public. In this category are places like public traffic areas for pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles, as well as parks and squares. “Public places” exist in all cultures and they are not limited to cities.

“Public Places” are for all people, so for an undefined / general crowd of people – with no special authority or significant restriction – accessible and usable spaces, parks, streets, roads, etc.

If there is a problem at your chosen team flag position, so it is unreachable from a “public place”, then please send us the flag-ID with a short note at and we will optimize the flag position for you.

capture the flag…